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Mountain of Gems


Pilot Moscow Animation Studio is an acknowledged leader of the Russian animation, the first non-state film studio in Russia.

Studio has based by Honoured Art Worker of Russia, film-maker Alexander Tatarsky. Throughout many years he was president and art director of Pilot Moscow Animation Studio.

For the twenty years of its existence Pilot Moscow Animation Studio received more than 600 awards at the most prestigious international film festivals. Among these are 2 Oscar nominations, Golden Palm Branch at Cannes International Film Festival, 4 Nika awards (which is the Russian analogue of the American Oscar), a Teffi award (analogue of the American Emmi), several Grand-Prix at the leading world class A festivals, and this is not the full list.

The main line of studio activity is animation production (full animation) in classical and computer animation.

The unique technologies are mastered and the whole generation of the outstanding directors and artists is brought up at the studio.

The Pilot Studio presents the first systemic education and entertainment project in Russia the Mountain of Gems.

In 2003 year we started producing animated films on the folk tales of different peoples that populate in Russia Russian, Tatar, Chechen, Ukrainian, Mari, Armenian, etc. 

Now are ready 69 films, each 13 minutes is length.



A Cat and a Fox (dub)

A Ram and a Goat (subs) low high

About Ivan the fool (subs) low high

About Stepan The Blacksmith (subs) low high

Chepogi (subs) low high

Hare the Servant (subs) low high

How the serpent was cheated (subs) low high

I won't tell! (subs) low high

Kroshechka-Khavroshechka (subs)low high

KuyGorozh (subs) dub

Proud mouse (subs) low high

Shish (subs)low high

Soldier and Death (subs)low high

The Fisherman Oskus-ool (subs)low high

The Fox and the Thrush (subs)low high

The bears stories (subs)low high

The heart of the beast (dub)

Zhiharka (subs)low high

Zlydni (subs) low high